Classic Ground Coffee - 250g packet


Al bar, a ristorante o anche a casa, il nostro caffè macinato classic è stato realizzato per chi vuole godersi un caffè classico dopo il processo di macinazione.
La nostra linea CLASSIC contiene tutta la dolcezza, la cremosità e l’intenso sapore del vero caffè della tradizione italiana, ricreata dalla nostra selezione dei chicchi e dalla tostatura attenta, per ottenere tutto il piacere di bersi un buon caffè.</p>

In the 250gr package for all types of vending machines, whether to be consumed at home, in bars or even in restaurants.

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Ground Coffee, Classic


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Classic Ground Coffee

At the bar, restaurant or even at home, our classic ground coffee is made for those who want to enjoy a classic coffee after the grinding process.
Our CLASSIC line contains all the sweetness, creaminess and intense flavor of real traditional Italian coffee, recreated by our selection of beans and careful roasting, to get all the pleasure of drinking good coffee.

In the 250gr package for all types of vending machines, whether to be consumed at home, in bars or even in restaurants.

What is Classic Ground Coffee

Classic ground coffee offered by caffè murgana is the blend of classic coffee as it is tasted at the bar or at home using the mocha. It is a very high quality product capable of satisfying the most refined palates, those who have made coffee a true culture. It is ground very finely to ensure a perfect aroma and the right creaminess, which are the two fundamental characteristics for obtaining excellent coffee. By choosing this type of blend we are sure that you will not be disappointed with the final result, in fact you will be totally satisfied.

Advantages of Classic Ground Coffee

Is it better to have coffee beans or ground coffee? This is one of the main doubts that grips the consumer, as the quality and consistency can vary depending on the type chosen. What are the advantages gained from choosing pre-ground coffee? Of course, ground coffee compared to coffee beans requires less time for preparation since the grinding step is skipped (which to perform it one needs to have a grinder or a coffee machine that is always equipped with a grinder), so the coffee is already ready to be prepared and consumed.

Convenience, ease of preparation and intense flavor are the main features that elevate this coffee to be considered one of the best around. Whether you are at home, in the office or in a coffee shop, murgana classic ground coffee could prove to be the ideal solution for your coffee break. Of course, the choice of the type of coffee to be consumed depends solely and exclusively on personal taste and the way in which you prefer to prepare it.

What are you waiting for to buy your first 250gr pack of the classic ground coffee? In our shop in addition to the classic line you will also find the gold line, Monorigine 100% Arabica and decaffeinated.

Have you ever had the opportunity to taste a classic ground coffee produced and sold by Murgana Coffee? If you haven't, our advice is to taste it at least once, your palate and taste buds will be delighted by the explosion of flavor and taste obtained .

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Classic Ground Coffee - 250gr