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Coffee cup holder with plate

Caffè Murgana does not produce only and exclusively coffee, in fact among its outstanding products are coffee accessories, among these certainly a product worthy of attention is the coffee cup holder with plate that can be used very well in a business, in the office or even at home. It is totally personalized in fact on the front there is printed the logo of caffè murgana that produces it and provides it to its customers to better personalize the coffee corner.

What is the Coffee Cup Holder with Plate? How can it be used?

The coffee cup holder with plate can indeed prove to be a very useful accessory, especially for those who own a business whose focus is the final sales of coffee. It is an item consisting of:
- 1 Large Cup capable of holding the different types of coffee such as pods or capsules, but can also be used as a sugar holder.
- 1 Plate at the base on which the cup rests. Also here you have a side space that can be filled with other coffee accessories
- 1 Logo of Caffè Murgana printed on the front that gives it style and elegance

As anticipated a few lines above, the mug can prove to be very convenient and useful not only in businesses such as coffee shops, but also at home and in the office so that excellent murgana coffee is always at hand and to taste.

What are you waiting for, buy your mug with plate to make your coffee break environment more cute and organized.

Haven't found the compatible capsules that are right for you? Instead of capsules would you need pods? Don't worry, Caffè Murgana also makes great Pods that are no match for the other types of coffee available on the site.

We have other products that we provide to our customers such as loaner machines for CAPSULE and COFFEE OR our signature MURGANA ACCESSORIES.

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Coffee cup holder with plate