Private label

If you have a store or are a retailer with our private label service, we offer you the opportunity to customize coffee packages with your brand.

We provide you with coffee in neutral packaging, without the Caffè Murgana logo, ready to be labeled with your logo. 

Why choose private label?

In an ever-changing market environment such as the coffee market where you have a lot of competitors dealing in many cases with the same products as yours it becomes quite difficult to retain customers, moreover, traditional loyalty systems such as point cards have become obsolete and overused, so the search for methods that lead a possible customer to return to your coffee shop are necessary and mandatory.

Treating coffee with your brand is one of these methods, if not the most commercially important because it allows you to build customer loyalty directly to your brand, which they will not find elsewhere.

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Complete customization for your coffee

To get started, send us your logo or trust us to create custom graphics.

We provide you with various options of neutral boxes with different packaging, you can choose multiple boxes to create different lines for your coffees.
Four types of boxes are available that can hold up to 100 capsules or 150 pods.

In addition, we can design a totally customized package with your packaging.

Choose the color for the envelope that will contain the capsule or wafer, and we will apply your logo to it with the size and expiration date also written on it to be saleable individually.

Available colors are red, black, blue, gold and white.
You can choose multiple colors to create different coffee lines.

Choose the blend you prefer

Finally, the 'most important aspect of obtaining an excellent product is our high-quality, artisanal, slow-roasted coffee to preserve its organoleptic and aromatic properties and thus obtain a product with a particularly sweet flavor with an unmistakable intense aroma.

Choose one or more of our ready-made coffee blends or we can structure a new one to accommodate your business needs.

We provide you with:
- 3 blends of coffee with different percentages of arabica and robusta.
- 1 type of decaffeinated coffee produced without the use of chemicals.
- 2 single-origin 100% arabica coffees different in origin and aroma

Logo Brand Design

We create an eye-catching visual identity for your coffee brand

Box Packaging Design

We make boxes that enhance your coffee branding

Wrapping Packaging Design

We customize your coffee wrapper to stand out.

Concept and creation Coffee Blend

We create a coffee blend that suits your taste.

We have been operating in this field for more than 20 years and have gained extensive experience both in the field of roasting the various types of coffee and in the processing and transformation of the same coffee into capsules and pods, and we look forward to putting it at your disposal to best guide you in the design of your product.

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