Things to know about coffee that maybe you don’t

Things to know about coffee that you may not know

Things to know about coffee that you may not know

Espresso coffee, as we know it today, was born only 80 years ago. 

We have listed five things that maybe you don’t know about Espresso.

Origin of Coffee

An Italian commercial of the ‘80s by a renowned Italian actor called Nino Manfredi emphasized that coffee has to be good in order to give pleasure to those who drink it. 

In Italy coffee has been known as something pleasant thanks to espresso and the machine invented in Turin in 1884 by Angelo Moriondo to produce it  

In 1901 Angelo Bezzera obtained a patent release on the machine and in 1902 Desiderio Pavoni bought the patent to fund his firm “ La Pavoni”. It was the start of industrial production.

In 1910 he was inspired by the design of steam engines to create a machine who was not only functional but also beautiful from an aesthetical standpoint. This kind of coffee machine could then be found in various parts of Italy. In 1938 a barista from Milan called Achille Gaggia invented a machine that used pressure and pistons . This innovation created espresso as we know it. Until 1938 the machine used was fueled by steam . That did not fully enhance coffee’s flavor.

Stimulating dopamine’s releas

Drinking coffee gives pleasure because it makes the brain receptors more susceptible to dopamine ,the hormone responsible for being in a good mood.

A scientific study with more than 346 thousand participants discovered a connection between caffeine and depression. It was brought to light that caffeine reduces the risk of depression.

Recommended dose

Experts recommend to drink between 3 and 5 cups of coffee a day. American coffee contains 100 milligrams of caffeine while Espresso (both coffee pods and made using a coffee maker) contains 50 milligram.

In any case experts suggest not to drink more than 250 milligrams per day in order to avoid side effects like irritability ,insomnia and tachycardia. A moderate coffee consumption can reduce the risk of coronary arteries arteriosclerosis.

Cup or glass?

A cup is a must when coffee is concerned. Compared to a glass a porcelain or ceramic cup is better to keep coffee warm allowing people to drink it for a longer period of time while its taste remains unaltered.

The difference between cup and glass is at its center. The glass being transparent allows people to have a good look at the coffee inside before drinking it so that even before actually tasting it one gets to do so from an aesthetical standpoint. Thanks to the transparency of the glass, it’s possible to look at the coffee’s foam: if there is a lot of it the coffee’s quality is high.

Drinking coffee from the glass? Coffee purists will never cave into ordering coffee who is in a glass. One traditionally drinks coffee from a porcelain or ceramic cup.

After having learned the history of coffee the only thing left to do is drink it and enjoying it!

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