Santos Ground Coffee - 250g packet


Santos is among our products one of the finest, 100% selected Arabica from Brazil gives those who taste it a range of aromas tending toward chocolate and roasted hazelnuts.

Suitable for both the classic mocha-coffee pot and for pour over, cold brew and coffee pressing filter coffee systems, it can also be used in confectionery because of its very aromatic and intense aroma. If you choose one of these methods specify it in the notes of your purchase order.

Single Brazilian origin 100% Arabica unblended, in 250 g ground coffee package

We select the finest coffee beans and use slow roasting to preserve their organoleptic and aromatic properties so as to obtain coffee with extraordinary goodness.

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Ground Coffee, Single Origin 100% Arabica


250 g



Santos Ground Coffee

Whether at the coffee shop, restaurant or wherever you are, our Santos 100% Arabica Ground Coffee is specially made for those who need to enjoy intense and distinctive but good-tasting coffee. Our 250gr Arabica line gives a special and delicate taste that you will hardly experience with any other blend.

In the convenient 250gr pack for all types of grinders, whether home or bar and/or restaurant

Meaning of the term Santos Ground Coffee

Have you ever heard of a particular blend of coffee known as Arabica blend? Surely the answer will be positive especially from coffee connoisseurs, but nevertheless, we recommend that you briefly read the content below that will clarify a few aspects about this type of coffee.

Essentially, the term Ground Coffee Santos 100% Arabica is nothing more than a description and representation of a type of coffee blend of the highest quality, dedicated to those who love the intense and delicate flavor of coffee. It is a blend created exclusively by Caffè Murgana to provide a high quality coffee alternative that differs from the classic blends on the market with 100% Arabica. The Arabica ground line provides only the 250gr ground pack, while it is also possible to purchase the Santos Coffee beans from the same line.

What Santos Ground Coffee looks like

Have you ever seen the look and texture of Santos ground coffee up close?

This blend, as anticipated earlier is very special since it is a very delicate and intense type of coffee. Full-bodiedness, creaminess and good taste are the main characteristics of this type of coffee . Among the many blends and types of coffee, Santos Ground Coffee is the flagship product of Caffè Murgana precisely to please and satisfy those delicate and demanding palates that have made coffee a real culture.

Santos Ground Coffee Features

Do you know the main characteristics of santos ground coffee produced by Murgana Coffee?

To the eye it has a very intense color and abundant creaminess that make the moment of tasting, something truly special. The grind is very fine and delicate 100% Arabica, this allows the coffee to be prepared professionally in bars and restaurants, but it can be prepared and tasted directly at home either in the mocha or with a classic home coffee maker. Of course, by using a professional coffee maker, the end result will be amazing for both the eye and the palate, in fact after tasting it, you will feel an explosion of flavors enveloping your palate.

If you have already tasted this type of coffee and realized that for whatever reason it is not the ideal blend for your palate, we suggest you take a look at the other products in the shop where you can also find many compatible capsules and pods of all types.

If you've found that with compatible pods or capsules you've found the ideal blend for your tastes, we recommend you also take a look at our pod machines or capsule machines, so you'll be sure to use the perfect tool for brewing and successimanente tasting your fantastic coffee.

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Santos Ground Coffee - 250g packet